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Changjiang Water Resources Commission (CWRC), China CP

Growing from the Yangtze Water Resources Commission (YWRC, 1935), the Changjiang Water Resources Commission (CWRC) was established in February 1950 (renamed as the Yangtze Valley Planning Office from 1956 to 1989).

CWRC is responsible to the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR) for the Yangtze Basin and the southwest river basins. As an institutional agency, it undertakes water administration on behalf of the MWR.

As stipulated by relevant National laws, the CWRC, authorized by the Ministry of Water Resources, is responsible for water administration, law enforcement, integrated management, conservation, distribution and protection of water resources, basin planning, flood control and drought relief, river channel management, water project construction and management, sand extraction management, soil and water conservation, hydrological information, and the survey, design, scientific research and management of water projects within the foresaid region.

Three Institutions are under CWRC
-      Yangtze Basin Water Resources Protection Bureau
-      Bureau of Hydrology
-      Changjiang Scientific Research Institute

CWRC has over 20,000 staff, of which 7,500 are experienced professionals involved in more than 130 specialties relating to water resources and hydropower, including geology, survey, planning, design, resettlement, scientific research, construction, supervision, business and management.

Dr. Chen Jin has a doctoral degree from Dept. of Hydraulic Engineering, Tsinghua University. He was appointed as the vice head of YRSRI and senior engineer (equivalent to Professor). He engaged a series of scientific projects such as the Risk Analysis on Long-Distance Water Diversion Project funded by the Ministry of Water Resources of China. He has over 40 academic papers related to water resources since the 1990s. He took part in the Advanced International Training Programme on Watershed Management in 2002 as a head of Chinese Group.

Mr. GUO Yu, MSc from Wuhan University in project management, was appointed as Director General, Bureau of International Cooperation, Science and Technology of CWRC since 2001. He has been involved in geo- mechanics under the Natural Science Fund Program of the Three Gorges Project and had several publications. He is concurrently Director of the Executive Office Central Project Coordination Office of the World Bank loaned Yangtze Dyke Strengthening Project.

Xu Anxiong is a Vice Commissioner of Changjiang Water Resources Commision, Ministry of Water Resources of P. R. China, former Director General of the Burear of Hydrology, CWRC. He is a member of leadership of the Project Manage Office of World Bank loan project “ Flood Forcasting and Warnning System for Middle and Lower Reach of Changjiang”; as well as Japan grant project “Flood Forcasting and Warnning System for Han River”.